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Audits and Expert Analysis

Specialized staff of the company develops expert analysis and audits, judicial and / or private, to verify and report on the status of assets through specialized studies.


For this study, the following items are contemplated:

1. The metallographic, chemical or mechanical analysis needed.
2. The verification of conformity of the procedure or process to be audited.
3. The validity of the procedure’s use is determined.
4 .The non-conformities and observations are specified, in case they exist.


Expert Analysis

This study includes:

1. Evaluation of photographies and other historical operational data sent to GIE and recompilation of field data.
2. Definition of fractographic and metalographic characteristics of the failure.
-Superficial and dimensional characterizations.
--Microstructural characterizations
3. Mechanical and chemical characterization of the materials.
4.Mechanical Modeling of the initial damage formation and final rupture.
5. Critical engineering Analysis.
6. Management level Assesment and technical backup in negotiations.