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Inspections and Certifications

Specialized staff of the company develops expert analysis and audits, judicial and / or private, to verify and report on the status of assets through specialized studies.

The integrity of the equipment is evaluated based on the application of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as...

The ASNT certification is the most recognized credential for NDT. For that reason, our certified professionals guarantee the highest reliability and safety in inspection and operation services. 

API authorized inspectors are trained to promote regulation, health and safety, improved inspection capability, and better control of environmental management and performance. 

Ten-year qualifications for LPG storage vessels, pressure tests, inspections, structuralassessment, qualification of LPG container by acoustic emission.

Surveys and form presentations to the SEN (National Energy Secretary), for enabling hydrocarbon storage tanks, according to 785/95 resolution.

It is an instrumented indenter capable of measuring the parameters that characterize metallic materials.