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Root cause Analysis (RCA)

The study identifies all root causes of failure allowing, in this way, act accordingly on all the failures causes and not only on the problem.

This study includes:

1.- Development of cause-effect tree
2.- Recompilation and revision of historical and field data.
3.- Definition of fractographic and metalographic characteristics of the failures.
4.- Experimental Essays for the characterization of the materials and the propagation of the initiative defect (mechanical, chemical, via MEB and via EDS characterizations).
5.- Mechaical Modeling of the initial damage and final rupture formation.
6.- Critical Engineering Analysis and root cause definition.
In an iteration process, each one of the alternatives are verified and eliminated, through investigations and experimental data. It is concluded with a description of the failure causes, the events, circumstances and exceeded barriers that actually influenced in its occurrence are made explicit.
7.- Specific meetings for each Project are made in the Company’s main office or plant visits of GIE’s specialists are made for the results presentations, if convenient.