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RBI - (Risk Based Inspection)

The Risk Based Inspection analysis is based on the methodology proposed by API Standard 580/581, where the operational risk of static equipments subjected to pressure are evaluated.

It may be developed on different levels according to what is required:

it is the first step of the analysis, requires less details and demands a shorter amount of time than quantitative analysis. It allows to obtain a risk matrix, where the relative risk between different equipments within a system can be appreciated.

deeper analysis which allows to quantify the damage speeds and determine the Inspection frequencies. With this analysis, the Risk Based Inspection Plans are made, with its respective frequencies, END techniques and specifications.

Quantitative (QRA):
It allows to obtain results of Individual Risk, Social Risk (HSE), Business Impact, etc. to compare them with the tolerable risks in the Industry. In the consequence analysis, some affected areas can be obtained to determine the necessity of protection walls, or improvements in the Plant Layout.