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It is an instrumented indenter capable of measuring the parameters that characterize metallic materials.

This is a non-destructive technique for the determination of mechanical properties such as tensile and yield strength, typically obtained through a tensile destructive test.

The test consists in performing an indentation in cycles with a spherical tip, while simultaneously recording the load and displacement by analog sensors of high precision and linearity, and from these data the parameters of the material are calculated.

In most cases, the costs of taking the equipment out of service, the disruption of processes, the loss of profits and the operations that involve obtaining a sample of material for laboratory testing are usually larger than continuing to operate within safety parameters at low pressures, being then the latter alternative usually adopted in detriment of the active productivity.

The advantages of ESYS 10 are obtaining mechanical material properties of equipments without removing them from service, and send them to the lab, thus avoiding repair costs, plant shutdowns and earning loss. Also, tensile tests require sufficient amount of material, which must be also in good condition. ESYS 10 can test smaller sized samples like screws and cotter pins.

Download Technical Manual of ESYS 10