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Interaction Ground-Pipe or Ground-Structure Modeling

The program allows you to set criteria for ensuring the integrity of a pipeline or buried structure from motion data of soils, rainfall levels and other surface variables.

Through the analysis of geotechincal studies, extensometry measurements, etc, a model is developed, which is capable of representing the different conditions under which a pipeline or a structure can be found buried in sometimes unstable grounds. This model allows predicting which and where the highest stresses or deformations will be for the different solicitations. In case of constructions of great magnitude, the model allows to determine which are the most critic sections and, in this way, to reduce the places to inspect.

The study includes:
1.Historical background analysis.
2.Model definition (Determination of simulation elements and variables to reproduce the situations under study).
3.Determination of the Certainty Index
4.Incorporation of integrity and reliability criterions, among others.
5.Model verification.
6.Development of the input software (for the automatic calculation from information coming from GIS, DEM and others).
7.Development of a post-process software and presentation of results.