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Study and Management of Corrosion in Flowlines

This study analyzes and manages operational data from the extracted and transported fluid obtained directly from the oil or gas field.

Some variables and critical parameters are analyzed, which may have direct influence with the presence of some sort of corrosion mechanism on flowlines. Once the possible mechanisms are detected, all the variables and parameters which converge on the presence of anomalies are determined, and also a way of keeping this damage type under control.

A document is presented, contemplating:

Variable and parameters analysis, related to the corrosion phenomenon on flowlines.
Studies of dynamic fluids.
Detection of mechanisms.
Studies on extracted samples.
Mitigation measures and monitoring of the phenomenon.

ILI data analysis:

Statistic Results (ILI-Field)
Technical specifications of ILI, contractual documentation.
Quality control and consistence of ILI runs.
Acceptance or Rejection criterions of ILI runs.
Optimal Plans of reparation, monitoring and inspection (Failure Probability vs. $)