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Gie | Integrity Ingeneering

  • The Company

    GIE SA is an Independent Company that provides Engineering Services as a result of a successful process initiated by professionals of the “Mar del Plata National University (UNMDP)” and the “Technological Foundation”.

    GIE was created as a multidisciplinary group of engineering with the purpose of providing their clients with technical support for the inspection, integrity evaluation and fitness for service evaluation of industrial equipment. The main activity of GIE is the development and implementation of structural integrity evaluation methodologies of industrial facilities in the Oil and Gas Industry. The consulting services that we offer are mainly orientated to defining the fitness for service of industrial facilities that have reached a considerable amount of life span, verify their operation in a safe way and the compliance with the current codes and regulations. At the present, our operational base is located at the city of Mar del Plata, from where our professionals move to the different productive points of the nation and neighbor countries.

    Our purpose is to help our clients at making decisions that allow them to maximize their resources through an effective policy of equipments life span management, without loosing the safety of the operations.

    In order to comply effectively with the company’s purpose, our Technical Responsibles count with a high specialization level. Our personnel count with a great level of experience, both at laboratory tasks and on-field tasks. This human potential allows to cover a large spectrum of advanced and conventional technologies, and an important part of GIE’s activities is dedicated to the development of these.

Our Team

Andrés Rivas


Mauricio Teutónico


Carlos Manfredi


Gerardo Soula

Pipeline Integrity Area Manager

Esteban Rubertis

Plants Integrity Area Manager

Pablo Fazzini

Mechanical Integrity Area Manager 

Germán G. Rivas

Special NDT Area Manager 

Juan José Grammatico

CEO - GIE Bolivia 

Andres Jonatan Rodriguez

CEO - GIE Perú


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